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hiii blog! first day of work tmrw... i'm just training so im not toooo worried. i'm actually kind of excited for it!


my apologies for ghosting the blog.. i finished my second semester of college!!! i also got diagnosed with adhd and it explains so much about my life and how i process things. i signed up for classes in fall sooo hopefully next semester goes well!!! my bf is coming to the same school as me this upcoming academic year and i'm sooo excited!!! i also just got my wisdom teeth out and the food restrictions are awful and evil. i just want to eat like normal but can't and it sucks because i have the appetite of a teenage boy. i also have a summer job i start at soon and i'm very excited... ok bye blog!!!


i did not get the job. i think my brain is too systematic about being a tour guide and not enthusiastic enough. like.. i know the campus well so it would be easy to show it to other people. i mean.. no one Really wants to do an on campus job during college we just need money LOL. like sorry!! but my college will not pay for itself!!!!! i have rsd and my parents really want me to get a job so telling them made me wanna scream and cry a bit. but it is ok. better things r coming!! i've got this i am a girlboss. #smartypants!!!!


hiii blog.. sorry i've been gone i've been busy + social! i've managed to befriend the outdoor cats at my school that r very skittish and i'm soooo happy!!! i've even managed to pet one! he wasn't a fan but i'm still very proud of myself for being patient about it! i wasss failing a class but met with my professor and she was so kind and allowed me to make up old assignments and i'm so grateful for her. i'm also trying to get an adhd diagnosis but my last appointment got cancelled LOL which upset me so bad bc i planned my whole day around it. ok i have class at 11 i need to be studious!! bye bye blog

january favs

finally doing a favs again...

hair/beauty: bondbar hair mask... makes my hair so smooth. i love it so much.

skincare: cerave moisturizer.. have u seen those videos of michael cera putting his face on and signing cerave bottles???

movie: scott pilgrim i Just watched it..

character: miles edgeworth

game: miles edgeworth investigations. i am obsessed w the ace attorney series and yap about it way too often.


hiiii blog!! i have new classes now and have been busy w school and socializing. i need a job so bad butttt i have bad anxiety about getting my resume checked bc i have to tell them about how i code and show them my site and thats soooo scary to me because my site is so special and personal to me.


sorry for not updating in likeee a month.... i was home for winter break and now i'm back at school!! i'm rlly excited for my classes this semester bc they're all related to my major!!!!


BONDBAR HAIR MASK SAVED MY HAIR!!! my hair doesn't feel as dead anymore which is. so nice. i'm so happy!!


went to sallys w my bestfriend!! i got the bondbar hair mask because my hair has been soooo dry lately and i'm really hoping it works!! i've heard good things tho so i'm hopiiiing. please revive my box dyed hair....


hiiii blog readers!! i'm watching my bf's dogs and they're soooo good and cute omg. i love his dogs sm they're so precious. i've also started rewatching an ace attorney playthrough for the like.... millionth time. it's literally one of my fav series ever like i could never hate. i used to watch playthroughs alllll the time in my HS economics class. we had a lot of busy work so i'd finish that then watch my little ace attorney playthrough. i know the series basically by heart now.....


hi i've had super low motivation the past few days, sorry for inactivity!

update at 8:18pm: i kicked myself into gear and made 2 new layouts!


i've been working on making website templates that are free to use and edit and i've been having so much fun!!!! i wanted to make them so that people new to coding had somewhere to start and didn't feel super lost. also so that my friends would make neocities accounts muehehehe....


going to a christmas event with my family!!! i'm really excited, my aunt got me veggie meatballs and omg i loooove veggie meatballs. my aunt also has cats so i need to befriend a cat too. first christmas event of the year!!!!!


I PASSED ALL MY EXAMS!!!! i'm really really proud of myself omg i got b's in all of my 3 credit classes!!!! i had a low c in math before this btw. i have 5 classes and a lab next semester and dropped one this semester because it was disorganized so i have to be extra brave next semester. i need to get in gear and be focused!

expect a lot of site updates soon! i'm officially on break so i have a lot of time. butttt i did apply for two jobs during spring semester i just have to get my resume approved which is DUMB!!!!!


was studying for math but it was booooring. hi blog! love u!


all my friends already went home for break and i miss themmmm. i've been doing stuff alone and it isn't the same. i know if i go home too early though i won't take my exams and i kind of likeeee need to do that.


i literally did nothing today except code and talk about typology online! yay! happy decemberrrr hehe!!!

i added a sites i enjoy page, and started a graphics page, i just need to pick a theme. i'm going home on tuesday and i'm soooo excited omg college is literally so scary. i'm really excited for next semester though!! a lot of my classes are within my major hehe.


went out w my friend today! we saw cats at petsmart + got breakfast bc the dining hall was closed until 9. i love being able to go out and do stuff but i have math work i have to do... (; ̄Д ̄). i put off my math work sm because it stresses me out but then putting it off stresses me out MORE!!!! sometimes i miss high school bc everything was so direct and i like direct.

to do:


math, phi, and psy exams

pack bag for going home

anri qotd: how do u not start violently sweating every time you tell someone what their typology may be?

november favs! (´ ω `♡)

going to start tryinggg to do this every month w my fav things!!!

skincare/body care: apple + white tea dove deodorant!!! smells so good, classic clean warm cotton perfume bc i feel like fresh laundry!!!, like any lotion i can get my hands on bc my skin gets soooo dry in winter and i'm usually oily! my usual moisturizer is the cerave daily moisturizing lotion that likeee everyone uses lol.

makeup: ELF POWER GRIP PRIMER!!!! actually my fav ever it made me believe primer works, nyx lip oil the like reddish-brown one bc i look a bit silly in cool tones, alsooo the elf camo concealer i need a new one bc mine is def expired (*/_\).

outfits: anything WARMMMM usually winters aren't toooo bad before christmas bc i live in the south but omg this weather has been kicking my ass, it was 25 degrees f this morning.

games: genshin tcg.... they bought back heated battle mode which is likeeee my fav edition of tcg!!!! i like picking random charas and having to strategize even if my team is amber, qiqi and jean!!! makes it more fun (also yes i did win w the amber, qiqi and jean deck hehe).

aesthetic: frutiger aero!! making my blog frutiger aero themed it's so calming and nice and smooth to me.

okkkk thats all the favs i can think of rn byeeee


exams start soon! very scared and horrified and i need to seek intense math tutoring. if i was gone for awhile i'm really sorry!!! i went home for thanksgiving then forgot to take my meds for like.. a week.. and had a rlly bad depressive episode oops... ( ̄︿ ̄). i am working on fleshing out my site more, but exams are a very busy time and i'm suuuper anxious about them (esp math). i tried to go to the tutoring center buttt it opened at 10 so i did everything else except that. i hate when things don't follow MY schedule so i literally was like wowwww ok and just didn't go WHICH IS SO BAD. do not act like me if ur in college. i make bad choices bc i'm a planner freak and if my plans go off i like want to cry.

tl;dr exams soon. working on site.