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welcome to my site!

my name is mal and i'm a college student studying apparel design. i love ace attorney (big miles edgeworth fan) and honkai star rail so those are great things to discuss with me! i am a chronic googler and will google like... anything. i also enjoy typology and my full typology is ESE EFLV2342 sp296. i also study apparel design, so that's also something i enjoy talking about. i love to yap so just talk with me about stuff i like and we are besties already.

i created this site as a way to express myself and share my things online on a more personal level than social media. me and social media have a love-hate relationship. i like using it because it helps me interact with others but also it's addictive and i hate that. this is why i like neocities a lot!!!! i love being able to have my own space that i can decorate and make special.


trying my best to stay organized as someone who's brain is constantly running like a train. IT IS HARD!!!! i also applied for a job yayyyyy!!! mainly because i want money because i looove spending it.

current favs:

fav media: honkai star rail

fav character: miles edgeworth

fav album: UNDERTALE SOUNDTRACK 4EVER!!!! so hardcore

site update log:

3/19/2024: updated blog! i wanted to update my blog because i hated the layout LOL. i just got to doing it though because i am sooo bad about procrastinating.

2/19/2024: updated homepage! i was feeling bored and decided to re-do my entire homepage. lol.

TO DO: work on graphics page. it's been desolate for MONTHS. also maybe update my blog? idk i like the frutiger aero-y aesthetic but i just want to move things around. i've been so bad about updating my site as of late because my brain is in star rail and ace attorney mode but i will try!!

(ngl i deleted all my old updates. i'm sorry.)

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